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My Clay Adventures

I have been to seven Clay concerts.SRHPT is my favorite concert that I have been to.I went to the Raleigh book singing. I stood in line foe 22 hours with my older sister and her son ,my brother 2 of my friends. I went to the CD release party for MOAM at RaleighWood. I also have done WFI every year.

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  1. ATDW one year ago today

    09/19/07 13:09:48 | 0 Comments

    I can't belive that atdw has been out for a year. I remember what I did ne year ago today when ATDW came out. I didn't go to a cd release party. I remember I woke up put a tape in the vcr to record gma, then I walked over to my older sisters house who lives next door to me. So I could some how do my school work. I was home school last year. I graduated last year.Then when I came home I watched gma a few times. After that I went online read about gma and atdw.Then finally that afternoon...

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    Happy Halloween!

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    Glad you liked my page. Stop back again!

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    Gave ya kudos for doing WFI every year! That's great!

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    image Stopping by to say hello.
    It won't be long before the
    "Christmas In The Heartland" tour
    Take care

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    Just stopping by to say hi. image

    Your profile is looking good.